Why Sifnos, Greece is a Hidden Gem in Cyclades? (in my opinion of course!)

This short article is about how to explore Sifnos in Greece.

Do you want to know more about what makes this island so unique? If yes, then read on!

You might have heard of Santorini, Mykonos and other popular islands in Greece and you might be wondering why you should go to a lesser known place for your next vacation. Just remember, it’s not always about where you are going but rather how you make the most out of your experience while being there. That said, here are some reasons why Sifnos is a perfect destination for those looking for something different:

1. The Island’s Beaches are Simply Breathtaking

The island is surrounded by beautiful beaches. The water is so clear and gentle that you may not even realize that you are swimming outside of a resort pool.

A day at the beach is a must when visiting Vroulidia beach. Whether you are searching for peace and tranquility or looking to mix it up with some adventure, Vroulidia beach will be perfect for you.

2. The Island of Dreams – Unique Beauty & Pure Relaxation in Every Way

Beyond the stunning views and beautiful colors, this is a place that will make you feel at peace.

Sifnos creates a magical experience for travelers. There are so many things to do here … This is an island that offers its beauty to everyone with a ticket!

3. How to Arrange the Best Accommodation during your Holiday on Sifnos?

Accommodation is the first thing that you should decide when you are traveling to a new place. The perfect accommodation will be comfortable and convenient for you.

There are some steps that you should take when looking for your perfect accommodation. First, think about how many people will be staying at the accommodation and what type of room would suit your needs. Second, check if your ideal place is located near the area where you want to spend most of your time in Sifnos: the beach on one side or the mountain on another side. Third, make sure that it has all the facilities and amenities that you need, like restaurants, stores, transportation, etc. Fourth, don’t forget about how much money do you have? Finally, read reviews on different accommodations before making a decision.  🙂

4. Where to Find the Authentic Greek Food on This Island?

There are many restaurants that claim to serve authentic Greek food, but how can you be sure?

The following things (and more of course!) will help you to look for in order to be sure the restaurant offers authentic Greek food:

1. The menu should have dishes typical of Greece like moussaka and baklava, but also (!) the famous dishes of Sifnos, such as revythada, mastelo, etc.

2. The staff should be knowledgeable about the menu and able to answer questions if you ask them anything about Greece’s and Sifnos cuisine.

3. The restaurant should serve dishes made of fresh ingredients that were grown in Greece like olives, tomatoes, herbs and more.

4. The restaurant should serve traditional wines from Greece … (as I told you, it is only my opinion … Sifnos is waiting for you to discover it …)  🙂

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