The Pallas Theater reopens its doors to welcome the “Third Wreath” only for those vaccinated on 8/10/2021, observing all protection measures.

“The Third Wreath” was the largest production born in the pandemic and managed to be presented only for 13 sold-out performances at the Pallas Theater. The most successful online streaming show that traveled online to 23,000 homes, in 52 countries and 5 continents, will continue its successful course for the 2nd year.

The great theatrical production of the masterpiece of Kostas Tachtsis returns to the Pallas Theater, directed by Konstantinos Markoulakis, and Maria Kavogianni and Maria Kitsou in the roles of Ekavi and Nina, 60 years after the release of the first edition of the iconic novel by K. Tachtsis.

A twenty-member troupe of important actors enters the vortex of the new, original music of Minos Matsas, bringing on stage the sounds and images of an entire era.

We are all looking forward to it!

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