I considered it necessary today to share with you some thoughts about the specific type of hotels, the services-facilities of which the customer is required to pay as different of course in relation to the rest. It is worth discussing here issues such as “to say and be” or otherwise “what does boutique hotel mean in the end”, but also in what ways such a hotel reflects in the public consciousness its particular business entity and consequently secures its business future.

In recent years we have seen an increase in boutique hotels or at least those that use the term in their name and description. When defining a boutique hotel, it is useful – I think – to study the dictionary as always, as well as an unknown article in most of N. Piperis entitled “Where fashion begins, style dies”. Starting with the dictionary, we read that style is “the special way of expression and appearance of someone”, something to which we have already – even from the very term boutique – in general, agreed.

N. Piperis also writes about “an eclectic luxury that does not exist in all people, it is difficult to explain in words, but it certainly refers to an inner, spontaneous, instantaneous choice of innovative aesthetics”. Equally important for the definition is to determine the accommodation not first based on the view and the area (this is a serious misunderstanding!), Either because the same view is probably seen by visitors from adjacent accommodation or the area itself due to its natural good data is a pole of attraction for Greeks and foreign visitors. It is also obvious that the identity features of a boutique hotel will not be sought so much or only in the high quality of the space (furniture, equipment, etc.), which is taken for granted, but mainly in the essential sense of service that will convince the customer that is unique and that his presence in the space is honorary and therefore implies a commitment for the entrepreneur.

There are two aspects to thinking about at this point in the analysis. Many customers, as well as hoteliers whom we asked about boutique hotels, expressed their reservations about whether the boutique designation is “safe”, obviously referring to the special services that the customer of these businesses should enjoy. The above comment is strengthened if combined with the second parameter that concerns us, that of price. We notice very high prices on the websites of these hotels and of course, the question is “value for money”.

We, therefore, conclude that the services provided must be individualized and target those special needs-pleasures of the visitor, but also to create a climate of trust that encourages the resumption of consumption, which is a particularly critical risk for tourism businesses. our time. Above all, of course, it takes courage here, that is, “sacrifices” in the present for a competitive public image in the future. In fact, those who choose the English language on their first page (and in a way “snub” the Greek public with their profile and prices) let them remember Santorini of ’86, whereby chance (!) The “good” tables were always closed and “forbidden” for the average Greek. Later everyone remembered the Greek public and was eager for offers, but this is exactly the public image. Some accuse me of writing hard. So let them hear this too … In a related show of the past, a businessman from Santorini, answering the journalist for personalized customer service issues, typically said “when, for example, we see a customer looking for magazines, we ask him if he needs a specific one λέ we tell him that we can provide it to him, etc. ”. You will allow me as an expert (and as a client) to disagree. Either the example was unfortunate and isolated, or similar moves are not enough. Of course, we are not going to analyze which ones we suggest from here, at least until the interested parties ask us. After all, those who follow my articles in the local media have realized my scientific position on the quality of services and the customer experience.

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